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Stuck In Colder Weather

I'm back from a little over a month without posting anything here. It's been a blur of holidays and travelling and marketing with some COVID thrown in for good measure.

Even here in the Deep South we've had some Colder Weather, not that it's uncommon

for this time of year, but those of us born and raised here prefer our sunny and 75 degree winter days when we can get them.

But I digress. I've been talking recently here about Cannabinoids, and my intention is to highlight the main players individually to provide a good sense of each and how it can be used therapeutically.

Well, today I'm going off the intended path to talk about some new information that is timely

to our current two years and counting world situation.

Researchers at Oregon State University have reported promising information about specific

cannabinoids that they've found are capable of preventing the COVID-19 virus from infecting

cells. Now that's some great news. At present we don't have a clear path from these studies to know how much or how often humans would need to consume of these cannabinoids to prevent COVID infection, but at least we have a direction to focus on.

CBDA and CBGA are the cannabinoids that produced positive results in these

lab experiments. These are the cannabis-derived acid versions of CBD and CBG as they come directly from the plant, before any significant heat is applied to convert them to

the decarboxylated versions - CBD and CBG. Therapeutically each is very similar to its

decarb'd version, and generally speaking the decarb'd versions have more pronounced therapeutic effects.

Since the study involved these particular cannabinoids as they are present in the plant itself, and not after heating them, we can't draw any steadfast conclusions on the ability of CBD or CBG to prevent COVID infection. At this point we only know what the researchers found in a laboratory study - a good starting point.

In the weeks and months to come we'll be watching closely for more information regarding cannabinoids and COVID. CBD companies are beginning to release special formulas containing CBDA and CBGA, and Carolina CBD Solutions will have its own version available soon for those who want to add this extra boost to their wellness arsenal.

Stay tuned for more good news.

The Canna Chemist

Read more about the study referred to above here:

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