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Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Welcome to The Canna Chemist. And as the title implies, who am I?

My name is Laura Todd Misenhelter. I'm the pharmacist in Carolina CBD Solutions'

"Pharmacist Formulated" products. I graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina's College of Pharmacy A LONG TIME AGO. Let's just say that the dispensing lab in those days that trained us to fill prescriptions did not have computers then.

I'm also the mother of Aaron, who was the catalyst for the birth of our company. Aaron has Nonverbal Autism, which means that he does not converse with us per se. He knows a lot of words, how to spell them and how to say them, and he will say or answer with one or two words when prompted or when he wants something, but he's not conversational.

I've spent most of Aaron's life looking for natural ways to heal him, teach him, and help him to be a part of our world. Along the way I've helped start an Autism Moms support group, raised funds and started an autism summer camp for Aaron and friends and peers, and spent a decade helping to start and run a clinical academy for kids with autism, as the president of the Board of Trustees.

All the while I worked full time as a pharmacist, first in hospital pharmacy and for the last 15 years as a long term care pharmacist. I am what you call a workaholic, or at least I was a workaholic. I am the most satisfied when I am occupied. I've always been this way.

These days my life is significantly easier, with just one job and less volunteering. Aaron lives in a group home now about an hour away, and we see him regularly. I'm fortunate to still have both of my parents, who live about 45 minutes away.

And I have a wonderful man in my life, Henry, who is a true life partner, and a great business partner as well. We live in a rural area northeast of Charleston, on a little lake, and we love our life in the country.

So that's who I am in a nutshell. Pretty boring stuff, huh? Well, I'll try to do better in the future.

The Canna Chemist blog will hopefully be worth the read as we explore lots of topics related to hemp and cannabis. Sometimes I might have an opinion to share about something cannabis related or otherwise. Sometimes I might ask others to share their opinions. We'll see how this thing plays out. I imagine there'll be something for everyone eventually.

Until next time,


The Canna Chemist

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